Ceelite Company is here to give you the reviews and testimonials of our clients about the products we sell. These past few years we’ve been doing our business, we received great amount of good reviews and we are more than proud to show them all to you. We would also love to hear about your thoughts so please give us your feedback anytime. 


Christian Y. 

I was surprised to see such lights invented like this. I never actually thought that I will be able to put lights in places I couldn’t before. Now, I’m able to place these lights on my front door and even on walls. It’s perfect at night when I want to open lights dimly. It’s also good especially that it doesn’t consume too much energy and electricity. I was happy to buy these lights here and to use such amazing things. Thank you for creating them! 


Trisha P. 

When I first heard about this items, I thought it was ridiculous to put lights into columns and conventional surfaces. But when I actually visited the stores and saw the items for myself, I was shocked to see that they really work. I eventually bought one to try it first and I was glad I did! Now, I can use these lights in a different way and in any way I want. 


Joseph H. 

My friend gave the flatline inverter lights to me as a gift. I didn’t know what it was and what it was for before but now I am enjoying using these items. I remember when I couldn’t even think of how to make them work or where to place them that I had to call my friend to ask him to help me. It was really fun learning how these things work and use them. I’m also glad my friend gave it to me as a present.