The Best LED Solution on the Market!

Why ILLUMASTRIP™ from CeeLite Technologies? Savings and quality. ILLUMASTRIP™ is the most cost effective high quality LED lighting available for commercial and industrial applications. It’s easy to install in existing or new fixtures and reduces energy usage by 50-75% while offering ROI’s under three years for most retrofits for installations in offices, corridors, stairwells, parking garages, and more!


ILLUMASTRIP™ Gear Trays from CeeLite Technologies are the hard working dependable solution for gasketed enclosures in wet, damp or dusty environments. In retrofit or new fixtures, ILLUMASTRIP™ Gear Trays are the cost effective solution across multiple markets in commercial and industrial applications.

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ILLUMASTRIP™ Troffer Inserts

ILLUMASTRIP™ Troffer Inserts make 2’ x 2’, 2’ x 4’ and 1’ x 4’ fluorescent retrofits easy and are available for both existing and new fixtures in a wide range of commercial lighting applications, in both standard and high output scenarios. Save 50-75% on lighting related energy costs and enjoy ROI in under three years!

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Available in the options you need for both retrofit and new fixture installations, ILLUMATRIP™ LED strip covers are the highest quality, most affordable LED solution in the market. ILLUMASTRIP™ products enable you to achieve real savings in energy with minimal installation time and no maintenance required.

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ILLUMASTRIP™ Features & Benefits



Energy efficient 50 – 75% wattage reduction vs. existing fluorescent and metal halides
Long lifetime Provides significant maintenance cost reduction (time & material)
No negative impact on lifetime by on/off cycling
Innovative design Easy installation reduces up-front costs
Quality components Increase light output while improving light quality
Flicker free and instant-on (Solid State Lighting) Enhances visual comfort
Environmentally friendly Increases building safety & improves air quality with the removal of harmful substances
Minimal heat generation Yields lower operating costs with AC load savings