Ceelite has always been receiving a lot of questions from other people. Be it from businessmen, clients and other customers. We give our best efforts and serious time answering questions so that you will better understand our products. Since we cannot post all the questions, here are the most frequently asked questions about Ceelite and our items. 

How can I pay a visit to your stores and shops personally? I’ve been wondering how I can go to your nearest branch because I want to see the products for myself. 

Thank you for thinking about visiting our branches and stores. You can find the stores’ locations by checking this website’s location section. We’ve put in every detail, address and information about our shops in this site so feel free to see where the nearest branch is located. 

How can I see the items’ details? Are they available here in your website? 

Yes, the items we make and the details about them are both available and can be seen through this website. You can click the ‘products’ section and read more information about the lights we create. We hope the details we gave are more than enough to let you know about these items but if not, you can always send us a message through our emails. 

I am new to this website and I’m wondering if I can buy the items here in this website as well?  

Yes, you can but the lights here in our website too. Just simply go to our shop section and see details, prices and the process of buying them. If you are going to buy the products you want, click the ‘buy’ button that can be seen below the item details. For more details and information about these products, see our ‘products’ section or send us an email anytime for help.