About CeeLite Technologies LLC

aboutA Clean Technology Lighting Innovator

CeeLite Technologies is an emerging clean technology lighting company that is headquartered in the Greater Philadelphia Area. CeeLite’s first product to market was the flat, flexible and energy efficient Light Emitting Capacitor (LEC) panel. CeeLite® LEC technology is renowned for receiving a Best Invention award by Time magazine and has also attained many prestigious industry awards.

In 2013, CeeLite continued its growth and brand expansion with the acquisition of FlatLight Technologies, a manufacturer of the most cost-effective, highest-quality LED lighting in the marketplace (ILLUMASTRIP™) for general illumination including corridors, offices, parking garages and stairwells. ILLUMASTRIP™ LED technology reduces lighting electricity costs by 50 – 75% and offers ROI’s under three years and IRR’s over 40% for most retrofits to existing lighting.

Years of additional research have led CeeLite® to a stunning new technology that has the potential to alter the landscape of lighting worldwide with flexible design possibilities and high energy efficiencies. Field-Induced Polymer Electroluminescent Light (FIPEL™) technology is applicable to all general lighting needs with unique design capabilities based on a flexible format that is a key area of research. The FIPEL™ panels envisioned for the future are will be comprised of light-emitting polymer layers that glow when charged with an electrical current and offer an overall price advantage vs. conventional LED’s. CeeLite is currently targeting a launch of the FIPEL™ technology in 2015-2016.