About Us 

Ceelite was founded 10 years ago. It was when such Light Emitting Capacitors and Flatline Inverters were both unreleased and not yet invented. 

The founder and owner of Ceelite has always been inspired and motivated in creating things and inventions that involve LED lights, fluorescents and technologies. He was eager to create his own type of lights that will be unique and different from others. But it was also his mission to create them not just uniquely but also make them convenient, fun and easy to use. That’s why when he was still a student, he maximized all the opportunities available to learn about electronics, technologies, lights and other things connected to his interests and passions. He loved inventing and making things that will lessen the problems of other people.  

While learning and studying these, he realized it wasn’t that easy. But with pure determination and motivation, he pushed through the hardships and gave his all just to achieve his dreams and goals in life. By doing so, and from the support he gets from all other people, he managed to pursue his dreams. He became successful in the profession he chose but more importantly, he managed to build his own company after a while. He knew it would take a lot of money, people and effort to create his own business so he really planned it thoroughly. Carefully and slowly, he took his time to manage his own company. 

Now, he is more than proud to introduce Ceelite to everyone. His creations and products are made successfully with the help of his employees and workers. He is more than glad and thankful for these people but of course he was also joyful that these creations can now be introduced to many. Ceelite is now looking forward to a more successful future.